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Industrial Management
Ming-Lang Wang


Ming-Lang Wang
Associate Professor
Office Tel.
Automation and Logistics Lab.
Diploma (Undergraduate)
Traffic Transportation Engineering & Management
Feng Chia University
Diploma (Master)
International Business Finance
The George Washington University
Institute of Technology
Chung Hua University
Work Experience
Research Interests
Performance Evaluation, Program Evaluation, Productivity Analysis
Economic Analysis
Courses Taught
Financial Planning and Forecasting
Analysis of Productivity and Competitiveness
R&D Management
Engineering Economics


Jounal Paper

Shiaw-Wen Tien, *Ming-Lang Wang (2005), "An Evaluation of the Relationship between Origins of Corporate Competencies and Business Performance of Taiwan\'s SMEs," The Asian Journal on Quality, Vol. Vol.6, No. No.3, pp. 153-172.


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Conference Paper

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  Applying TCSI Model to Evaluate Stakeholder's Satisfication Nearby Hsinchu Industrial Park