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Industrial Management
Ching-Hua Lin 


Ching-Hua Lin
Office Tel.
Human Factors Lab (M221)
Diploma (Undergraduate)
Industrial Engineering
National Tsing Hua University
Diploma (Master)
Industrial Management
Chung Hua University
(Studying in school)
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
National Tsing Hua University
Work Experience
SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
Professional Training Center, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Biao-Gan Consulting Co., LTD
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsing Hua University
Research Interests
Human Factors
Time and Motion Study
Courses Taught
Human Factors
Introduction to Industrial Engineering and Management
Introduction to Man Machine System
Time and Motion Study
Special Topics in Time and Motion Study and Ergonomics
Industrial Psychology


Jounal Paper

Kai Way Li, Wen-Ruey Chang, Ching Hua Lin, John-Chang Wei (2006), "Relationship between the measured friction coefficients of floors on a horizontal surface and on a 10° ramp," International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Vol. 36, No. , pp. 705-711. (SCI)


LI Kai Way, CHEN Chin Jung, LIN Ching-Hua, HSU Yaw Wen (2006), "Relationship Between Measured Friction Coefficients and Two Tread Groove Design Parameters for Footwear Pads," TSINGHUA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. -. (EI)


Kai Way Li, Yao-Wen Hsu, Wen-Ruey Chang, Ching-Hua Lin (2007), "Friction Measurements on Three commonly used Floors on a College Campus under Dry, Wet, and Sand-Covered Conditions," Safety Science, Vol. 45, No. 9, pp. 980-992. (SCI)



Conference Paper

Kai-way Li, Wen Pei、Ching-hua Lin、Yu-Chang Huang (1995), "The effect of the complexity of Road View on the driver's ability to detect the traffic sign," The 10th Annual Meeting of Chinese Institute of Transportation, Vol. , No. , pp. -. (In Chinese)


Kai-Way Li,Ching-hua Lin, Zhi-Hui Lee, Zong-Zhi Lin, Yi-Ping Chen, Xi-Lan Zhou (1999), "The Working Posture Analysis of man working in the kitchen," The 1999 Annual Meeting of Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vol. , No. , pp. -. (In Chinese)


Ching-hua Lin, Shin-Hong Du, Cheng-Zhe Lin (2002), "The Development of Functional Evaluation Index of Electronic Full-text Database on Network," Proceedings of The Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, Vol. , No. , pp. 1235-1238.


Kai Way Li, Ching-Hua Lin, Yu-Chang Lin (2005), "Effects of Tread Groove Depth on Measured Coefficient of Friction Using the Brungraber Mark II Slipmeter," The XIX Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference, Vol. , No. , pp. 1235-1238.


Ching-hua Lin (2005), "The Analysis of three Chinese Keyboarding Skills, Tsang-Jye Keyboard, Wu-hsia-mi Keyboard and New Chinese Phonetic Symbol Keyboard," 2005 Conference on Science Technology and Society, Vol. , No. , pp. -. (In Chinese)


Ching-hua Lin, Chi-Yuang Yu (2005), "Human Body Surface Area Measurement and Estimation using 3D Body Scanning Data," The 2005 Annual Meeting of Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vol. , No. , pp. -. (In Chinese)


Ching-hua Lin, Chi-Yuang Yu (2007), "The Evaluation of the Error of Human Body Surface Area Estimation Formula Using 3D Body Scanning Data," The 14th Annual Meeting of Ergonomics Society of Taiwan, Vol. , No. , pp. -. (In Chinese)


Po-Yi Su, Yu-Fen Tasi, Rui-Ying Jian, Chiao-Ling Hsu, Ching-Hua Lin (2007), "The Sources of Noise from Outside and Inside University Classrooms and the Influences of These Noises to Students in Class—Take the Classrooms on 6th floor of M Building in Chung Hua University as an Example," 2007 Conference on Science Technology and Society, Vol. , No. , pp. -. (In Chinese)


Ching-Hua Lin, Hsin-Hung Tu, Fei-Hui Huang (2007), "An Approach of Fitting Apparel on Line - The Application of Three-Dimensional Anthropometry," BAI 2007 International Conference on Business and Information, Vol. , No. , pp. -.



  A Comparison of the Measurements and Operability of two Commonly used Friction Measurement Devices
  An laboratory assessment of the British Portable Skid Tester