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Industrial Management
Human Factors Engineering Laboratory 
Human Factors Engineering Laboratory

This lab offers facilities and equipment for both teaching and research needs for the Department of Industrial Engineering and System Management. The fundamental courses provided including human factors, introduction to human-machine systems, occupational safety & health, industrial psychology, topics in time and motion study and ergonomics, and special issues. The advanced courses include biomechanics, human factors and design, and topics in human-machine systems. There are three areas in the lab, i.e. Slip and Fall Test, Anthropometry, and Biomechanics.

Facilities & Equipment
Image Analyzer, EMG Measuring System
Brungraber Mark II Slipmeter, Horizontal Pull Slipmeter, Surface Roughness Tester, Rubber Hardness Tester
Footwear material abrasive testing machine
K4b2 Oxygen Consumption Testing System, Digital Back Force Tester, Digital Grasp Force Tester, Digital Pinch Force Tester
Flexibility Tester, Reaction Time Tester, Human Skeleton Rubber Model, Human Muscle System Chart
Martin-type Anthropometer, Stature Height and Body Weight Scale
Audiometer, Decibelmeter, Vibration Tester
Vision Tester, Illuminance Tester
Video Camera, Video Player, Television
Stopwatches, Tape Measures
Rating Training Videos, Work Sampling Practice Videos