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Industrial Management
Automation & Logistics System Laboratory 
Automation & Logistics System Laboratory
Introducing the Lab

This laboratory focuses on computer and network technology, and the theory and application of integrating and managing automated manufacturing and information systems.? With the basics of theory and practical orientation, students, through learning, operating, inspiring and innovating, can apply the basic skills in the field of automated manufacturing.
This laboratory provided students with the following operating systems: MPS Simulation Control System, Elevator Simulation System, Remote Network Control System, Storage System, Conveyor Belt Production System, Simulation System, PDA Warehouse Management System, Industrial PDA, On-site Monitoring and Information Management System.

Modular Production System, MPS
  Distribution station
Function testing station
Processing station
Testing station
Sorting station
Assembly station with industrial robot
Assembly station
Handling station
Buffer station
Hydraulic press
Storage system
Conveyor belt production system
Programmable logic controller, PLC*10
Personal computer, PC
Laser printer
Color printer
Numerical analysis software (MATLAB)
Production simulation system *10
Core courses
Engineering Optimization
Robust Design in Engineering
Introduction to Automation
Neural Networks
Design and Analysis of Experiments 6/e